Why should I consign with Grace Boutique?
Grace Boutique provides a boutique experience shopping for women's and men's name brand clothing, decorative household and furniture items at an affordable price. Our service surpasses that of our competition, while striving to serve the needs of the people of Sibley and surrounding areas.

Who sets the prices?
We do. We know what our customers are willing to pay for items. When you consign with us, we are in business together and we will price your items as high as possible yet still make them marketable. If you consign something that you feel is very valuable, please let us know so we can price it accordingly.

Where do my items go if they don’t sell?
All items not requested for return will become property of the store after their expiration date (90-120 days).   It is Grace Boutique’s discretion how those items will be distributed.  We may donate items sooner if we find them to be outdated or unacceptable. 

When can I bring items in?
Please see our consignor guidelines PDF in the “Consign with Us” tab.

Limits of 25 items no Appointment Necessary

If more than 25 items, please call for a drop off appointment 

We accept items up until one hour before closing.

What items will you accept?
Please see out consignor guidelines PDF in the “Consign with Us” tab.

Furniture items need to have prior approval and a drop off appointment.

What if I want my unsold items back?
If you would like unsold item(s) returned to you (regardless of the value), please indict that at the time of this consignment agreement or during drop off.  If you have requested your unsold items to be returned, they must be picked up within 7 days of the notification by Grace Boutique.  If not picked up within that time frame, items will become property of the store and will be donated. 

What are the advantages to consigning with you versus having a garage sale?
We will do all the work and probably make you more money. We will: consign your items for 90 days; do all the advertising; be open five days a week; save you hours of labor; and make you more money.

Do you buy outright?
No, we don’t.